Wednesday, February 21, 2007

february 21, 2007: my first ebay purchase

I made my first purchase on eBay tonight. After unsuccessfully trying to bid on an S400 for a few days, I clicked Buy It Now on a listing that had a fair price for this camera model.

I've had an S400 for nearly four years before it gave up the ghost. I have taken well over 50,000 photos with my little camera, as well as countless frames for my stop-motion animation films.

I use other cameras as well, including a well-kitted dslr, but this little S400 will always have a very special place in my heart. I learned to take photographs with it, I have had fun experimenting with it, and I started dabbling in film because of it.

So tonight I am reading my confirmation emails from PayPal and from eBay, and looking forward to the new camera on my photoshelf. And, knowing how much I enjoy taking the little camera along on my downhill ski adventures and on my urban trips, I know that it will not stay on the shelf very long.