Saturday, November 10, 2007

the fog of fall

the fog of fall, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.

a brief glimpse of Thunder Arm made me stop in my tracks - or rather, kept me from crossing the bridge over Diablo Lake and continue to the Overlook.

I parked the car at Colonial Campground, then proceeded to the beach. A low fall fog was creeping over the Fourth of July pass, and heading down the lake.

It was a strange, mesmerizing sight. While the rest of the lake was enveloped in bright sunshine, here the weather was ominous, menacing - cold.

I had to take a shot.

sanctity of the mountains

sanctity of the mountains, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.

diablo lake, again

newhalem november

newhalem november, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.

autumn, near Newhalem WA

arches of gold

rivers of gold, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.

diablo dam - I love how the sunlight reflects inside the arches

a wonderful evening for a gala dinner

I spent Sunday night, a few weeks ago, taking photographs during the 100th anniversary of the BC Mountaineering Club, on Grouse Mountain.

It was a beautiful night - as you can see - and a beautiful evening.