Sunday, April 17, 2005

jesper kenn olson and I

jesper kenn olson and I, originally uploaded by seawallrunner.

Meet Jesper Kenn Olson.

On January 1, 2004, Jesper started a round the world running journey from Greenwich UK, and ran from England to Scandinavia, from Scandinavia to Russia to Siberia... then across Japan, and across Australia (from Perth to Sidney) then from Los Angeles to British Columbia Canada.

He arrived in Vancouver today.

Tonight, a small party was organized at a friend's house, to honour Jesper Kenn Olson's dream and his achievements. Jesper Olson plans to run from Vancouver to Montreal, and from there he will end his journey in New York.

What an amazing human being - he runs 50km a day, pushing a baby jogger that contains his trip belongings. He is self-supporting in this adventure, his objective is "One Earth - 26000km - 2 years - 1 runner"

More about Jesper Kenn Olson here

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