Thursday, June 02, 2005

Skookumchuck Church Of The Holy Cross

So picture this.

You drive for several hours: from Vancouver to Whistler, then past Whistler to Pemberton - take a right at Lillooet Lake, then follow the lake, then down Little Lillooet Lake, then down Lillooet River... 300km of wilderness, of rainforest, of distant glaciated mountain peaks.

You come across this.

A 100-year old Gothic Church, built by Native artisans under the direction of Roman Catholic Oblate Fathers.

A Fitzcarraldo moment.

Members of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation allowed us into their Church - it was Sunday, after all. We were free to look at (and photograph) anything that we wanted, but were asked to please respect the tombstones in the large cemetary behind the Church.

There are more photos of the Church in my Flickr stream, just click on the photo above and follow the links.

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